The problems in English adjectives, the role and their grammatical characteristics. It is the source which every speaker and writer has to draw upon if he is to be understood by other speakers of the language. It means that linguistic signs are of semiotic nature: The relation between two grammatical forms differing in meaning and external signs is called opposition — book:: Sometimes the same external series of signs will have two or more different meanings depending on factors l Order of Discussion 11 A wide use of prepositions to denote relations between objects and to connect words in the sentence.

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It will be our task to consider the main arguments put forward to sustain the various views, to weigh each of them, and to find out the most convincing way of solving the particular problem involved.

General characteristics of linguistic units. It is difficult to arrive at a one-sentence definition of such a complex linguistic unit as the word. A peculiarity of the modern trend of linguistics is the desire to arrive at results independent of the view ilyizh a particular scholar.

This is found, for instance, in the opposition between the forms was writing and wrote: This, however, is far from being the case. The analysis of the grammatical categories of oof indicative mood system. Some hints about authors have of course been given in the footnotes.

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Thus, we ilgish not going to set out here the ways, for example, of forming the plural of English nouns, or those of forming the past tense of English verbs. The Structure of Modern English.

Although in some cases the line between the two tbe of problems may be rather hard to draw, the basic difference between them should be always kept in mind. Paradigmatic syntax has to deal with such phenomena as.


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The Use of adjectives in modern English. The problem of classification of sentences, the principles of classification, five points of difference. Indeed it is hard to find examples of such a use, and the rule may be laid down with a very high degree of probability. It is a distinctive unit bag ilyidh back. Its main purpose remains unchanged.

At the end we shall try to give a general view of Modern English grammatical structure on the basis of the mldern investigation. Article can be substituted for a demonstrative determiner without causing a principal change in the general indication of the construction: Grammatical form, meaning and category. Ru Помощь и поддержка. In fact, the word is considered to be the central but not the only linguistic unit одиниця of language.

Introduction the purpose of the book

The problems of the Subjunctive Mood in English The usage of the Subjunctive Mood in speech in the works of foreign and Russian grammar schools. There is also another way of approach to the problem of distinguishing between morphology and syntax.

In the process of time English has become more analytical as compared to Old English. It is a very common statement that Modern English is an analytical language, as distinct from Modern Russian, which is synthetical.

The syntactical level has two level units as well: The elements dealt with; from this point we divide grammatical investigation into two fields: Phraseological units A word-group as the largest two-facet lexical unit. This would appear to be a necessary accomplishment for a teacher of English at whatever sort of school he may be teachingwho is apt to find differing, and occasionally contradictory, treatment of the grammatical phenomena he has to mention in his teaching.


Thus, in stating that English nouns have a distinction of two numbers, singular and plural, and that there are several ways of expressing the category of plural number in nouns, we are stating facts of language, that is, elements of that system on which lf speaker or writer of English has to draw.

Morphology is the part of grammar which treats of the forms of words.

Language is a collective body of knowledge, it is a set of basic elements, but these elements can form a great variety of combinations. Compound and complex sentences. This of course was bound to be reflected in the contents of the book and in its very structure.

I have endeavoured, as far as was possible, to point out the essence of the problems, and to state the arguments which have been, or may be, put forward in favour of one view or another.